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With Laura

We are so excited to introduce new franchisee Laura to our Petits Pois Fun French family. 

Laura will be bringing our award-winning sessions to Edinburgh, January 2024, and we cannot wait to give more children and their families this wonderful opportunity. You can view her new timetable below, visit her booking page to find out more and book, or drop Laura a message. 

"I knew from the second I met Laura that she would make an incredible class leader and I am delighted that she has chosen to join my team."


Andrea, Founder of Les Petits Pois Fun French




Bonjour!  I am Laura and my passion for French started when I was 8 years old.  That's me in the photo!  My parents decided that life with six children was too simple and that they should shake things up a bit by taking us all off to live in the South of France for six months.  We lived in a small village and joined the local nursery and school and adapted to our new adventure and generally just ‘being French’ for a while. 


At our young ages it didn’t occur to us to have any fear about communicating in another language and, for me, it opened my eyes to how I viewed the world.  When we returned to Scotland I found it a natural process to absorb French (and other languages that followed) as I moved through my education.  I would put this down to my early exposure to a foreign language when my mind was at its most receptive. Once back In Scotland I was lucky enough to live near lots of French families who had come over because of the development of the Oil and Gas industry in my home town of Aberdeen. 


I spent my teenage years babysitting for most of them and as soon as I could, I went off to be an ‘au pair’ in Versailles to perfect my French.  I went on to graduate in French  through the Institute of Linguists.  After working in London using my French and spending time doing charity work in Bolivia, I then returned to France as a young mum and experienced French life from a whole new angle.  I went on to live in France for 20 years before returning to Scotland in 2021 to be closer to my roots. 


France and the French language will always be part of what makes me happiest.  I was really intrigued and excited when I first heard about Andrea and her team at Petits Pois Fun French.  I can’t wait to bring French to children eight and under through song, play, dance, craft and more.


Please come along and join me in this new adventure!

Take a look at Laura's spring timetable and message to enquire

after school tues_edited.jpg


Port Seton Community Centre

 2pm - Pre-schoolers

 Cockenzie House, Prestonpans

3.45pm - After-schoolers

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