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Hand on heart though, I really felt that Petits Pois Fun French was going to be a success

as I was so passionate about it. However, I certainly never actually thought I would ever

be at this point of franchising, or that other people would want to follow in MY footsteps

and invest in MY dream and passion.


It’s been at the planning stages for years, but I’ve always had to put it on the back burner as single-handedly running and growing a successful business with 2 young children at home,  proved too much to juggle.

Although running the business through the pandemic and adapting to teaching online has been full on and at times overwhelming, I feel lucky that I’ve had the extra time at home to work on my plans for the business and make it a reality.

For years, I’ve had to put  people right who assumed that I was working as a part of a franchise.

Well after years of hard work, it’s actually happening and I’m bursting with excitement to get my very first franchisee started on her Petits Pois Fun French business owning journey.

When I first started Les Petits Pois Fun French back in 2015, I just hoped that it would

provide me with enough income to support my family, whilst allowing me to be around

more as they were growing up. I remember telling my husband as I took the plunge

and handed in my notice at the school where I had taught for over 10 years, that if it

didn’t work out, I would find something else.

A message from the founder


So what is there to get excited about?

What can I offer you as a Petits Pois Fun French


And there’s more….much more. Do you think you have got what it takes to become my next franchisee?

Are you...

Potential Gross earnings of £363+ per day !

Bespoke business and teacher training initially and throughout the term, direct from the Franchisor !

No commission taken, keep all your earnings!

Choose where, when and how many hours you work each week!

Comprehensive teaching, marketing, and admin pack!

An excellent communicator in French ?

Enthusiastic about making children smile?

Passionate about teaching?


Request a Brochure...

If you answered yes to all 3 questions above, complete  your details and I will send you a Les Petits Pois Fun French franchisee  brochure.

You’ll then have the opportunity to meet me via zoom for a live Q&A session.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Founder of Les Petits Pois Fun French 


Meet Franchisee           




I’m Beth, a proud mum of two children, Megan (7) and Thomas (4).

I have always loved languages. I really enjoyed living and studying abroad and experiencing new cultures. One of my first jobs was working for Disneyland Paris as a hotel receptionist. It was such a great experience and I loved speaking French to the guests!

As a mum myself, I took my children to many baby and toddler groups. I first took my daughter to ‘Les Petits Pois Fun French’ in 2017 when she was 3 years old. Although I am fluent in French, I wanted her to have more exposure to the language and I thought it would be a fun class for us to enjoy together. The sessions were amazing, one of the best toddler classes I had been to! Andrea brought so much enthusiasm, fun and enjoyment to the sessions. We bought the Petits Pois CD’s and Megan wanted to listen to the songs all the way home in the car! After doing the first term, I remember thinking that I would love to teach these sessions myself!

I have always enjoyed working with children and I spent time working in primary and secondary schools as a teaching assistant. After spending 16 years working in French speaking customer services roles, I am so excited and ready to embark on this new adventure teaching Les Petits Pois Fun French sessions. After researching other Franchises, I knew Les Petits Pois was right for me. The classes are so varied, interactive and inspiring with a great structure. I love how the brand centres around the two peas (Monsieur and Madame Pois), the children love this concept and enjoy seeing the peas each week. It is so great to see the children learn and remember words and songs. I can’t wait to watch the children develop a passion for French in my sessions. I will be running my classes in Warrington from September 2021. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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