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Our community classes are available to book online.

Below you will find information about all 3 of our class leaders, as-well as their timetables and class booking options for 0-8 year olds. 



If your chosen class is fully booked, please send an enquiry to go on the waiting list and select an alternative class. 

If you have children that cross over two age groups, please send an enquiry to discuss the best class for you. Babies can usually attend our toddler classes for free with a paying sibling. 

Discounts are available for siblings & childminders. Please send an enquiry for more details.

Parent & Baby Classes:

Ages 4 - 18 months

The parent and baby classes are themed classes with 35 minutes of singing with props and instruments, parachute fun, bubbles, puppets, stories and either craft or sensory areas to explore. You’ll get to spend quality time with your baby and learn songs and activities to do at home to open your baby’s mind to another language at what has been scientifically proven to be the best time. Language learning is great for our ‘mummy brains’ too and classes provide you with the much needed opportunity to meet other young mums and carers.

Come and join us. 

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Toddler Classes:

Ages 18 months - 5 years

The toddler class is a fast paced 45 minute themed class, packed with; singing and movement, props, stories, puppets, parachute, games, crafts, bubbles and much more. Although the class’ main aim is to introduce children to the French language and spark their interest in this, the classes also cover many aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and therefore assist in preparing them for school. Children grow in confidence, develop their social skills, become more independent, improve their concentration and coordination and increase their knowledge of numeracy and literacy (to name a few). You (their parent or carer) get to spend some quality time with them, with the entertaining all taken care of, whilst also improving your own French. Fun for all!

After School Classes:

Ages 4 - 8 years

Many children progress from the toddler class to the after school class once they’ve started school.  After school groups are filled with all the songs, props, movement, games, puppets, parachute, crafts, bubbles etc of the toddler classes with new exciting themes to support their school learning such as telling the time and daily routine. We start to look more at the written language and French phonics and children who can are given the opportunity to start writing in French, whilst younger children focus on single words and letters. Schools are only required to start teaching a second language from KS2 (age 7/8) but there’s no need to wait, get them started now.

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