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Fun French

Les Petits Pois Fun French is a unique opportunity for children aged 0-8 to learn French.

Through original catchy songs, stories, movement, craft and play, children

are introduced to the French language. 

The best part is you get to learn too as our sessions are a real family affair.

Language learning has been proven to improve mental health and increase brain activity.

Choose from Parent & baby, toddler or after school classes.

We also run private sessions for schools, nurseries and child-minders.

You can even book us for a birthday party or private event! 

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Where little minds learn to think


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Experienced Teacher

The founder of Les Petits Pois Fun French has over 10 years experience teaching in schools, plus 7 years experience developing and running these sessions.  

Your child’s learning is in safe hands! Many areas of the Early Years Framework and National Curriculum are also covered.

Various Locations

We hold many classes per week across St Helens and Warrington, but customers are accessing the sessions from as far away as Australia via our online learning platform. Click here for more.

Language learners become problem solvers, creative thinkers, have better mental health, improved social skills and a more efficient brain.

Life Skills

Enjoy Les Petits Pois Fun French classes from the comfort of your home with our online classes, available to purchase from our website now.

Online Classes

I’ve attended lots of classes with my 3 and a half year old and this is the only one I wish we’d found sooner

What can I expect?



FUN!!! A lot of time has gone into the planning of each session to keep children engaged and ensure we all have fun. Expect: craft, stories, rhymes, songs, games, puppets and play opportunities. Children learn best when they are involved and have the opportunity to explore many of their senses so whether it is sitting listening to a story, running under a parachute, touching and exploring objects, learning the actions to a rhyme or playing a game, they will have lots of opportunities to explore the new language as well as improving their communication, social skills and physical development. These skills form the 3 prime areas of learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.


We Make Friends



Bonjour, I'm Andrea, founder of Les Petits Pois Fun French and mum to two beautiful boys; Joseph (9) and Charlie (7). 


I've always had a passion for French which I put down to the opportunities I was given as a young child, taking part in the youngest French exchange when I was just 9 years old. We each stayed with a French family and we went to school each day. We had learnt very little French but it gave me the taste for it. Little did I know it was going to be the makings of my career. After studying and working in France, I set out on my teaching career as a high school teacher, which I thoroughly enjoyed for 10 years. 

Fun French Classes

After having my own children, I became fascinated with speaking and singing to them in French and wanted to start my own French sessions to give children as young as 3 months an early exposure to language learning. In September 2015, I launched Les Petits Pois Fun French and I now teach around 15 sessions per week across St. Helens and Warrington; parent and baby, parent and toddler and after school fun, as well as running private sessions for childminders and within nurseries. Sessions are themed and the children learn through singing, stories, craft and play. The learning is wrapped up inside the fun activities. Although we are learning French, we cover many other areas of the early years framework and national curriculum.


Having taught older children for many years, they often dislike language learning as they find it extremely difficult to reproduce the sounds. Very young children can mimic new sounds almost perfectly, much to their parents’ amazement. Children as young as 12 months are able to follow instructions in French, clapping hands, touching body parts etc.

Our Classes



Language learners become problem solvers, creative thinkers, have better mental health, improved social skills, a more efficient brain, better focus and superior listening skills, plus more career opportunities and empathy with the world around them.