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Missed my live adult course?

Do not worry because now you can download all sessions, thats 6 sessions, with around 1.5 hours of content each.


8 hours of French learning to get you feeling more confident by filling in grammatical gaps, increasing vocabuary and key phrases and building your confidence. 


If you attend my children's classes, these sessions will help to  plug some of the gaps that we do not cover with the children and give you more tools and confidence to engage with your child in French at home.


You cerainly don't need to attend my children's classes though!

If you are looking to improve your vocabulary, understanding of the language and conversational French then this is for you.


Each week we will exploit a key verb and learn how to use that verb across different tenses for different purposes.

We will learn expressions that will prove useful day to day, as well as grammar points to help you become more accurate.


Each session will be filled with mini challenges for you to complete live, dictionary work, and I will be training you to become language detectives, i.e. you'll become better at working out unknown language and deciphering meaning. This is so important as we will always be faced with unknown language. Even I have to do this.


Beyond all of that, you'll get some time out for you, an opportunity to turn your mind away from your day to day and in doing so you'll improve your mental health. Language learning has huge benefits and you'll feel great that you're improving your knowledge.


You'll be able to get support and your questions answered too by emailing


You'll have a whole 6 months to access the videos.

Please note you will need to download the pdf containing the links to the course within 30 days, before it expires. 


Still got questions? 



Checkout my NEW follow on Intermediate course too, now available to buy in the shop


Buy both courses and save £10. Use code 10off at checkout

Beginner / intermediate online adult course

  • The course information and links are only for use by the named attendee on the booking form.

    Course content is subject to copyright and is for personal use only. 

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