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3 signs

it’s time to leave the classroom


It’s important to know the signs and to take action. If you ignore the signs, you could end up falling out of love with teaching altogether.


Sign 1 - You wish your days away. Are you constantly counting down the weeks and days until half term? Now don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a holiday and there’s nothing better than a countdown to get you in holiday mode, but ask yourself this… Is your countdown for an event or just a countdown for you to not to be in school doing your job? If it’s the latter, it’s time to leave the classroom. Before you know it, you’ll have wished away your working days and it will be time to leave the classroom but for retirement!

Sign 2- You feel overwhelmed Do you feel overwhelmed? Overwhelmed with the school workload ? Overwhelmed with home life? Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Do you feel like you can’t be a great teacher and a great partner/parent as these two things require so much time independently and just don’t marry together? Are you struggling to cope? Is it affecting your mental health and starting to have an impact on your wellbeing and quality of life? If this is you, you need to leave the classroom. We get one shot at this life. Do not let a job role that you took to help others, have a negative impact on you. You and your family are the most important people.

Sign 3- You’ve already considered leaving Some people are able to continue teaching their whole lives and commit to the constant demands of teaching. That wasn’t me, and it may not be you. Do you know hand on heart, you cannot continue like this? Have you already considered leaving? If you’ve already had a conversation with yourself or someone else about leaving, it’s time to leave the classroom . It doesn’t have to be like this, you don’t have to settle for this life, but you have to take action. It’s no use just holding out for half term or the summer. That’s just a short term fix as the job and the issues will still be waiting for you on your return.


  • You are in control and you do have options

  • You are a great teacher and you can love teaching

  • You deserve more and there is more. You may have your own signs but whatever your driving force, if you’re unhappy and want change, I’d love to to hear from you as my mission is to give you a get out of the classroom pass, without you needing to leave your teaching career behind.


I’ll show you how you can:

  • Build a business you can be proud of

  • Feel great job satisfaction doing a job you love

  • Inspire children to love languages

  • Teach engaging, multi sensory sessions

  • Work flexibly around your family and

  • Find that work life balance

Sound too good to be true? Want to know more?

Text or WhatsApp me on 07563576318 Email or fill in our formThe hardest part is taking that first step. Do it, do it now 😊

What would you like to do now?

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